Interest Groups A - B

STD Code is 01832 unless otherwise shown.
BOARD & CARD GAMES (Rummikub & Similar)
Leader   -   Irene Gandy
1st & 3rd Tuesday afternoons 2 pm to 4pm
Venue   -   Manor Close Flats Lounge
Mah Jong begins in September 2017
There are no costs involved.
Contact details   -   Telephone: 732 948

Leader   -   Celia Busby
Last Friday, morning
Venue   -   A member's house
We read and discuss books chosen by members of the group.
We borrow or buy the books we read.
Contact details   -   Telephone: 731 047

Leader   -   David Gray
Every Tuesday evening
May to September
Venue   -   Islip Bowls Club
The group plays alongside the members at the Club and are able to participate in competitions.   There are no costs involved but members may
choose to join Islip Club as their interest grows.
Ask about the Open Day
Contact details   -   Telephone: 733 475

Leader   -   Liz Bryan
2nd Thursday, afternoon
Venue   -   A member's house
The aim of the group is for Bridge players to meet to play and to help those who would like to learn; so we welcome absolute beginners to experienced players.
There are no costs involved except the price of books which are not essential.
Contact details - Tel: 734 221
Leader   -   Ed Callaghan
1st Wednesday, morning
Venue   -   A member's house
Each session will begin with a short lesson, followed by practice play. While this is a group for beginners, novices and improvers are welcome. Cost - 50p per session.
Contact details - Tel: 735 038

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